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Supervision Services for Coaches

Coaching supervision is very important for your continued professional development as a coach. The purpose of coaching supervision is to facilitate the ongoing development of coaches by addressing the professional, personal, relational, and contextual issues that can arise from coaching practice. There are numerous benefits for individual coaches, whether they are external or internal coaches, as well as benefits for organizations with internal coaching programs.

My role as a coach supervisor is to help you to become a better coach. I do this by helping you to see more than you can currently see in yourself, in others, and in the systems in which you operate; What we do typically during the supervision sessions are as follows:

  • reflection on the coach’s internal thought processes and assumptions,

  • deepening self-awareness and revealing blind spots,

  • analysis of client cases to open possibilities for coaching strategies,

  • brainstorming solutions to complex and challenging client situations,

  • celebrating the accomplishments of the coach.

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