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Ayla Akın
CEO, Artevis, Türkiye

You would want to have Bahar as your Coach. Her authentic presence and space she opens for coaching make it easy to open up and trust the coaching process. She is very intuitive as a coach and is not afraid to go deeper where your real need is. I can highly recommend her for any subject you might want to explore with coaching.

I achieved significant gains as a result of my coaching work with Bahar. Through this journey, I gained deeper self-awareness and bolstered my confidence in both myself and my professional endeavours, thereby envisioning a brighter future.


Possessing exceptional listening skills, Bahar adeptly pinpointed underlying issues that eluded my own articulation, guiding my introspection with incisive questions. During moments of uncertainty, she adeptly facilitated a shift in perspective, enabling me to perceive current challenges through a lens of future possibility. I am grateful to have encountered a coach who seamlessly integrates effective methodologies with her own rich experiences, providing unwavering attention and support.

Murat Ege
Founder & CEO, Egemsoft, Türkiye


Aysun Sarper
 Manager, Hugo Boss Türkiye

I sought coaching to infuse wisdom into my life and to embody the tranquillity it offers. Under Bahar's guidance, I developed a profound awareness, aided by her adept management of the coaching process and the trust and sincerity she consistently demonstrated. As a result, I've begun to embrace a life imbued with wisdom—a significant victory for me amidst the challenges of this year.

From the moment I embarked on this coaching journey with Bahar, she radiated warmth, support, and unwavering dedication to my growth. Throughout our sessions, Bahar not only stayed focused but also adeptly guided me through the labyrinth of my thoughts, helping me unravel and understand my mind better. Her ability to pinpoint my strengths and ignite my motivation was truly transformative. What truly sets Bahar apart is her remarkable blend of professionalism and approachability. She's not just a coach; she's a friend you can confide in with ease, knowing that her insights are backed by her expertise. I felt incredibly comfortable sharing my thoughts and concerns with her, knowing that she would provide valuable guidance with every step of the way. She is truly one of a kind, and I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life and career.

Melis Engin


Günnur Aktoros
Talentra CEO, Cyprus

I chose Bahar as my coach because of her dedication and unique multi-disciplinary approach. Each session has been incredibly productive and insightful. Bahar's unwavering focus &exceptional engagement throughout our sessions set her apart. If you are seeking personal or professional development, I highly recommend Bahar for her transformative coaching.

Since I started working with Bahar, I have been profoundly impressed by the progress I have made in my career. Bahar is an exceptional listener who challenges me to exceed my limits, making me feel liberated and empowered. She has a remarkable ability to highlight my strengths, identify areas for development, and help me focus on the crucial aspects of my career.

Bahar has not only helped me enhance my professional skills but also inspired me to discover my inner motivation and potential. Thanks to her guidance, I am moving towards my goals with greater confidence and assurance.

Gül E.
Project Manager, IT, Türkiye


Derya Çelik
HR Manager, Eaton, Switzerland

Bahar coached me during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic and helped me establish a work-life balance. Our coaching sessions proved invaluable in uncovering my inner strengths, particularly as I embarked on a new job. Her highly effective approach empowered me to discover solutions to my dilemmas independently.

Tutku Vatansever Dartmouth College, USA

When I began coaching, I was unsure of what areas I needed to improve upon. However, Bahar swiftly discerned my needs, identified areas of potential excellence, and tailored a coaching program accordingly. As a result, I uncovered my true career aspirations and mustered the courage to take decisive steps along this path.

Gülşah Ertürk
HR Director, LIV Hospital, Hungary

In our sessions with Bahar, I uncovered both my desires and the opportunities that change presents. She posed questions I hesitated to ask myself, often eliciting answers I had already provided subconsciously. Through this coaching experience, a fresh perspective has emerged in my life.


Elvira İsrafilova
BSH Türkiye

Our coaching with Bahar has been immensely beneficial in terms of increasing my empathy and facilitating deliberate decision-making. Importantly, I have learned to say “no” when necessary and have become more receptive to communication. As a result, I find greater enjoyment in life and feel significantly more productive.

Yasemin Altun
Proje Management Türkiye

Through coaching with Bahar, I came to the realization that I wasn't bound to pursue my previous career path. Instead, I could explore multiple jobs that I genuinely enjoyed. Most importantly, I gained the courage to take action on this realization.

Pınar Ö.
Food Industry, Türkiye

Amidst the pandemic, we embarked on coaching sessions with Bahar. Through these sessions, I managed to shed thoughts of past troubles and future anxieties, and instead, began to envision the changes I desired. The most significant outcome of coaching has been attaining the peace and balance I've long sought in my life.

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