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Ayla Akın

Founder and CEO, Artevis

You would want to have Bahar as your Coach. Her authentic presence and space she opens for coaching make it easy to open up and trust the coaching process. She is very intuitive as a coach and is not afraid to go deeper where your real need is. I can highly recommend her for any subject you might want to explore with coaching.

I started coaching to contribute to a social responsibility project. I achieved a great deal at the end of it even though I did not have a lot of expectations at the beginning. I got to know myself better, and grew more confident with myself and the work I do, which in turn enabled me to see a brighter future. Having great listening skills, Bahar identified issues I could not even verbalize and guided my thought process by asking the right questions. When in need, she made me see the present moment from a future perspective, through which I realized that what I see as problems today can be easily managed. I am glad to know a coach who does her job very successfully by combining the right methods with her own experiences and by giving her full attention to you.

Murat Ege

Founder & CEO, Egem Bilgi İletişim


Tutku Vatansever Dartmouth College, USA

When I started taking coaching, I had no idea what I needed to improve on, but Bahar quickly grasped my needs figured out the areas in which I could excel and created a coaching program accordingly. Thus, I discovered what I really wanted for my career and gained the courage to take firm steps on this path.

From the moment I embarked on this coaching journey with Bahar, she radiated warmth, support, and unwavering dedication to my growth. Throughout our sessions, Bahar not only stayed focused but also adeptly guided me through the labyrinth of my thoughts, helping me unravel and understand my mind better. Her ability to pinpoint my strengths and ignite my motivation about my career path was truly transformative. What truly sets Bahar apart is her remarkable blend of professionalism and approachability. She's not just a coach; she's a friend you can confide in with ease, knowing that her insights are backed by her expertise. I felt incredibly comfortable sharing my thoughts and concerns with her, knowing that she would provide valuable guidance with every step of the way. She is truly one of a kind, and I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life and career.

Melis Engin


Derya Çelik
HR Regional Business Partner, Eaton

Bahar coached me during this difficult Covid period and helped me balance my work and private life. Our coaching meetings, especially these days when I start my new job, It was valuable in that they gave me access to the power inside of me. Bahar has a very powerful technique that allows you to find answers to your dilemmas.

Aysun Sarper
 Manager, Hugo Boss

I received coaching to bring wise energy to my life and to live the peace of this energy. I gained a good awareness thanks to the skills of Bahar for managing the coaching process and the trust and sincerity she brought throughout the coaching process. I started to live with wise energy. This was a big win for me in this difficult year of life.

Gülşah Ertürk
Human Resources Director, BL

During the coaching with Bahar, I decided what changes I wanted to make in my life. Her questions enabled me to find the answers that I wasn’t aware that I knew. This coaching experience opened a brand new window in my life.


Elvira İsrafilova
Customer Services, BSH Turkey

Our coaching meetings with Bahar have been very beneficial in creating awareness about my feelings and thoughts, increasing my empathy and making conscious decisions. More importantly, I have learned to say “no” to others when necessary and have become more assertive and open to communication. I enjoy my life more and I feel more productive.

Yasemin Altun

Proje Servisleri Yöneticisi

During the coaching with Bahar, I realized that I did not have to continue on my old career path and that I could move forward with more than one job that I liked to do, and most importantly, I got the courage to act on this issue.

Armağan Arslan

Operation Analist, Immfly

Bahar is a very good listener. She always listens carefully without judgment. Her high energy has always motivated me. Her coaching enabled me to discover my strengths, find what I want in the career field and clarify my business goals.


Berkay Yıldız,

İTÜ, Electronics and Communication Engineering

During our coaching with Bahar, I discovered the job I wanted by eliminating the confusion in my mind while designing my career path. What was also good for me in this coaching was getting to know myself much better. I would strongly recommend a coaching experience with her.

Senior Engineer, Food Industry

We started coaching with Bahar during the pandemic period. Thanks to our coaching sessions, I got rid of the thoughts about the troubles of the past and the anxiety for the future and started to realize the changes I wanted. The most significant benefit of coaching has been finding the peace and balance I have been looking for in my life.

Burak Şimşek, 

İTÜ, Electronics and Communication Engineering

During the coaching with Bahar, I got the opportunity to get to know myself and discover my strengths. The most important benefit I got from coaching is understanding the right way to approach problems and being able to choose which path to follow while solving them.

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