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Are You Changing Jobs Too Often?

Changing Jobs Too Often

Are you changing jobs too often? Do you find yourself initially motivated when starting a new job, only to become disillusioned after the initial excitement wears off and you begin to notice flaws in the workplace or management, leading you to start looking for a new job again? 🤔 Are you tired of experiencing the same cycle repeatedly? To break this cycle, consider researching the following two crucial areas:🔍

1️⃣The Right Job Fit: Initially, you might find temporary happiness in a new job due to reasons like learning new things, making new connections, or a better salary. However, if you do not enjoy the work itself, after a while you will start to feel dissatisfaction because these are extrinsic motivations and do not give a lasting feeling of satisfaction. When you work at a job you love, the job itself becomes a reward and creates an intrinsic motivation.

Additionally, research shows that when you do the job you love, your productivity and creativity increase and you perform well and become successful. Because there is a direct relationship between love and your power, which consists of your abilities, character traits and values. For these reasons, the job you love is the right job for you. It is essential for long-term career satisfaction and success.

2️⃣The Right Work Environment: The ideal work environment is one where you can perform at your best and feel your happiest. When evaluating this, consider factors such as:

  • Location: Do you prefer working in an office, from home, or in a hybrid setup?

  • Pace: Are you more comfortable in a fast-paced environment or a slower one?

  • Working Hours: Do you prefer fixed working hours or flexible ones?

  • Company Size: Are you attracted to fast-paced startups or large corporations with high job security and defined roles and responsibilities?

Lastly, before committing to a new job, ensure that the company's values align with your personal values. The company values answer the questions "how we do things and how we treat each other". To the extent that your personal values match the company values, your business relationship with that company will be long-lasting. Thus, you can move forward in your career with more confident steps and increase your career success.

Take the time to reflect on these aspects before embarking on your job search journey.


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