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Are You Wondering If You Are In The Right Job?

Filozof Bergson’a göre, kariyer, kişinin eylemleri ve yaşantısıyla şekil alıp ortaya çıkan bir gizil-güç evreni. Yani kariyer bir “etkin oluşum ve varoluş” alanı.
A Career as a 'Realm of Effective Formation and Existence'

Perhaps your manager is telling you that you're failing at your job or although they're saying you're successful, you're not experiencing that sense of achievement and satisfaction, and you're wondering if you're in the right job. So, what questions are you asking yourself to understand if you're in the right job?


And if so, what questions are you asking yourself to gain clarity?


Am I making enough money? Do I have the opportunity for promotion? Am I positioned favourably in my career trajectory compared to my peers?


Even if you answer yes to all these questions, are you still unhappy and struggling to understand this situation? The reason may be simple. You're not posing the right inquiries to yourself.


The economic system, at its core, operates on the premise of individual self-interest. In the 20th century, the prevailing belief was that status, monetary gain, and power epitomized our professional aspirations. However, in the 21st century, our aspirations for work have evolved. We now expect our professional pursuits to imbue our lives with significance, essentially contributing to something of value and importance. Should our endeavours lack intrinsic meaning, even if they furnish ample financial reward and social prestige, they stifle our spirit and leave us despondent. Consequently, some opt to pivot their careers, despite external perceptions of success. Simon Sinek, renowned for his inspiring speeches on leadership serves as a good example of such individuals.


Meaningful work furnishes a purpose compelling enough to endure adversities. It is then that our dreams crystallize. As we navigate our careers towards our aspirations, we surmount challenges by honing our talents and skills, thereby experiencing the gratification of unlocking our latent potential.


According to philosopher Bergson, a career embodies a secret realm of potentiality that assumes form through one's actions and experiences. Hence, a career represents a domain of "active formation and existence." By unearthing our potential and manifesting its cognitive, physical, and emotional facets within our professional endeavours, we metamorphose from a cocooned state to self-actualization. Consequently, we attain a fulfilling career trajectory.

To achieve this, we must first take ownership of our career trajectory and engage in deliberate contemplation to shape our professional paths. Throughout this process, we ought to embark on an introspective journey. Initially, we focus on discovering our distinctive attributes, values, strengths, and intrinsic inclinations (motivational catalysts) that constitute our potential. Subsequently, we embark on the quest to ascertain which vocations resonate with our potential and evoke a sense of passion. Engaging in work that resonates with our innermost desires propels us closer to realizing our dreams. In the film "La La Land," Mia asks Sebastian, aspiring to become a jazz pianist but tethered to a popular music band due to financial constraints, " Do you love the music you make?" To which Sebastian replies, " No, what difference does it make?" Mia aptly responds, "Of course, it matters if you're going to give up on your dream. "


I believe that if we especially are experiencing dissatisfaction, restlessness, and demotivation, in our work, we must devote time to introspect and pose the right questions. In my opinion, the right questions that allow us to explore our needs in four fundamental areas are as follows:


  • Love => Do I love it? Do I want to do it?

  • Inner gifts and talents => Am I using my inner gifts and talents? Can I do it?

  • Value => Are what I'm doing valuable? Is it worth my effort? Should I do it?

  • Environment => Am I in a work environment where I feel safe, seen, and appreciated?


The initials of these four elemental realms form the acronym LIVE, connoting vitality and vibrancy. If your answers are yes to these questions, it is the right job for you, and the right job signifies a congruent fit and bestows vigour, fostering holistic well-being and contentment.


Some may think it's too late for them. Yet, it's never too late to pursue a job that accentuates your intrinsic worth and fosters a gratifying career trajectory.


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