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From Engineering Executive to Executive Coach

This picture is a snapshot from my years as a project engineer at EKA System
Me and our project manager in Erdemir automation project

The above picture is a snapshot from my years as a project engineer at EKA System. In it, you can see our Japanese project manager, who imparted invaluable lessons. We were in the midst of automating a blast furnace at Ereğli Iron and Steel Factory. We were a great team with high positivity and productivity, the kind we now call the “Star team”.

Though I enjoyed my role as a project engineer, my eagerness to tackle new fields didn't go unnoticed. My managers soon transitioned me into product management and sales roles. Success in these areas led to promotions and, eventually, to management. Back then, excelling at your job often paved the way to managerial positions. We learned the ropes by emulating the role models we admired, adopting their collaborative and supportive approaches.

Over the two decades, I held executive leadership roles within multinational technology companies. Building positive relationships came naturally to me, but I did face challenges with certain colleagues. These challenges drove my interest in psychology and personal development. The coaching I received during this time was particularly transformative. It helped me understand my thought patterns, recognize the impact of my behaviours, and initiate meaningful change.

During my leadership career, I developed a profound interest in understanding and nurturing human potential. Seeing firsthand how guidance and support could transform lives ignited my desire to transition into coaching.

I believe that the power to lead your life through self-change is one of the greatest strengths a person can possess. Inspired by my own experiences, I am passionate about coaching leaders who seek to foster meaningful change in their professional lives.


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